Email Id Verification

The process of making sure an email address is legitimate and connected to an inbox is known as email verification. It assists in eliminating phishing emails from your database so that you may only contact people who have active email addresses.

Although there are solutions available to assist you save time, let’s first discuss the advantages of email verification. Salespeople can use an email verifier, which can be a desktop programmed, plugin, or SaaS platform, to confirm the validity and existence of email addresses.

Because they can be accessed from any device at any time and from any location, the majority of email verifiers accessible today are offered as online services, such as plugins or SaaS. To utilize them, all you need is an internet connection. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about updates because the service’s vendor and developer handle it. 

Email Verification Online, Its Needs

You are more likely to have incorrect email addresses in your list if you are a salesman or email marketer and have an outdated database. Some people still think that having more email addresses on file will help you promote more effectively. Regretfully, it has changed over time. This is the era of superior quality over quantity. The days of adding email addresses of individuals who declined to receive your marketing emails or buying a large list of email addresses from dubious sources are long gone. Strict legal regulations guard email users and stop spam. 

You need to purge your database of erroneous email addresses if you have been purchasing lists and adding individuals without their permission. Email addresses might become inoperable for a variety of reasons. As a marketer or salesman, you would have no use for an incorrect email address.

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Online Email Id Verification- Benefits

  • Lowers the bounce rate

In addition to harming your email campaign, an excessive number of bounces might damage your sender reputation. By removing any incorrect email addresses, an email validator may help you cut down on email bounce rates by over 90%. An effective email verification tool will do more than just look for the email address in the database; it will also check the account’s status in real time. Your sender score rises as email deliverability rises. It establishes if you are a spammer or a reliable sender. 

  • Gives precise insights

You possess the legitimate email addresses once the mailing list has been cleared by your email verifier. The activities of the receivers of your email campaign will be more trustworthy to analyze. Since you are emailing actual email addresses, all responses from the recipients appear sincere. 

  • Saves Money

Sending emails and storing email addresses are not free of charge. Sending them and keeping up a database costs money. The undesirable email addresses will be eliminated from the list after you verify them, which will result in a smaller database. Additionally, you will email fewer recipients. And saving money is the result of it. It is therefore among the finest benefits of address verification.

  • Gets Better ROI

Email verification lowers the likelihood of bounces, which boosts return on investment. Consider this: sending emails costs money for your business. Every email has a fee associated with it. The ROI of your campaign may thus be impacted by even a single email bounce. The money spent on email marketing is wasted when emails bounce.

  •  Cut down on complaints about spam

One of the most significant advantages of email verification is this. Less than five spam complaints out of every 5000 emails you send should be the ideal ratio. Maintaining the lowest possible spam rate is crucial to avoid having your reputation damaged. Email accounts of individuals who often label emails as spam can be identified by email verification software.  Such email accounts will be flagged by the verifier so you may avoid having your account labeled as spam. 

  • Boost the rate of engagement

You can remove email addresses from your list that don’t provide any value when you begin to verify them. Your list will get smaller as a result, but the engagement rate will rise. You may increase the open and click-through rates of your emails by sending them to people who use their accounts frequently. 

  • Don’t send emails to shady accounts.

There are emails that belong to people that are not real. These are the ones connected to chargebacks or fraud. Avoid using these email addresses at all costs, as sending too many emails to traps may result in your account being blocked.  You may ensure that you are not sending emails to such hazardous people by using email verification.

Email Verification Api

Salespeople in B2B sales use cold emailing as a means of contacting potential customers. It differs from email marketing in that the receivers don’t expect to get emails from the sender because they haven’t subscribed to them. It is much more crucial in these situations to confirm the email addresses before sending unsolicited emails. 

Email verification is a feature of Surereach, an automated tool for sales outreach. When prospecting, salespeople find this to be of great assistance. You may use Surereach’s Email Finder to get prospects’ email addresses, and then use the email verification to confirm the addresses. You may choose to validate a single email address at a time or an entire list of 1000 emails all at once.

The purpose of the Email ID Verifier service is to validate email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and filters in order to give organizations prospects that have email addresses. Through the use of state-of-the-art algorithms and web scraping methods, Surereach helps organizations to validate email addresses and enhance their efforts at prospecting sales.


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