How To Find Company Email ID?

Email is a powerful tool to connect to B2B clients and companies. However, finding a potential email address that helps business growth is not easy. Here, in this blog, you will get to know about the 6 best ways to find a company email address. So, stay tuned until the end.

Use The Tool For Finding The Company Email ID

Incorporating an email finder tool is an efficient way to get access to the potential company name address and email ID. Basically, the email finder tool has large databases of business emails. It helps find the professional email ID and other information. 

Surereach is a b2b email ID finder tool, that offers 100% data accuracy. It has an email database of around 3 million verified email addresses and phone numbers. This tool offers Advanced filters to find the potential email of customers according to your use. Download the Surereach tool in your system. When you navigate on a B2B platform like LinkedIn click on the get email button, and the tool will provide the email ID. It is best to find a company email address list.

Navigate Company Website

The official business website contains all important emails. Navigate the About and Contact Us pages and search for email address. If you don’t find anything on them explore blogs and usually author bios with their email ID are available on the blog page.

Finding an official email from a website is accurate. However, it is a time-consuming process and does not contain the emails of potential clients.

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Email Finder Chrome Extension

Download Chrome extensions like the Sureach extension to find a company email ID. After downloading the extension use it whenever you are browsing the LinkedIn profile of the official company website. 

Surereach Chrome extension helps to access millions of verified lists of email IDs of companies. This tool is easy to use with 100% accurate business databases.

Search Social Media Page

LinkedIn is a famous B2B platform where companies and professionals make their profiles. It is an excellent source to find a company email ID and contact details. You need to search the profile of potential leads on LinkedIn and check the contact details. Finding Social media accounts of potential leads is an easy way to get email addresses.

But remember you can access contact information only if the person has disclosed its contact info. Alternatively, you can use Facebook and Twitter to find the company email address list. It is a free-of-cost method and you will get an official email ID. However, it is a good method to find individual email IDs. If you want bulk email or a list of email IDs of the company, it will be a time-consuming process. All LinkedIn users do not disclose other contact info in this case, this method will not be helpful for you.

Use Google And Bing Search

You can use Google Search to find the company name address and email ID. Firstly write an email in Omnibox with the “company name” hit enter. It is a better method than navigating the various website pages of the company. You can use the same method to search the company email ID on Bing. It is a free-of-cost method to find verified emails. However, it is not a handy option for searching bulk emails and is time-consuming. There is no guarantee of finding the emails of every company.


It is essential to find the authentic email ID of a company for sales and growth. But many people do not know about it. So here are the 6 best ways to find the company email ID. These methods are using email finder tools like Siurereach, website navigation, email finder Chrome extension, searching on Google, and searching on Social Media.

All these methods are good for finding company name address and email. However, only a few methods are effective in finding the bulk company email address list. To find a company email of an individual, you can use any of the above methods. However, for bulk search, it is recommended to use a special tool like the Surereach email finder tool. It is one of the best places to buy email lists.


1. How To Find The Email Address Of The Company?

You can use the following methods to find the company email ID

  • Use the email finder tool
  • Search email ID on website pages
  • Use chrome extension
  • Search on social media
  • Search on Google and Bing

2. How To Get A Company Email?

You can use email and phone number finder tools like Surereach to find a verified list of email IDs of companies.

3. Can I Find Company Email Address Free?

Yes, you can use free email finder tools but they have several limitations and lack filters.

4. How To Find List Of Company Email Addresses?

You can use an email finder tool like Surereach to find a list of company email addresses.

5. How To Get Company Contact Details?

You can opt for any of these to find the company email ID and details.

Search on Google, find on LinkedIn, Use email finder too, use Chrome extension, etc.

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