Discover The Top Platforms To Buy Email List

Have you decided to buy lists? But I have an Idea about the email service provider. A quality email list is powerful enough to boost your business and provide high revenue. On the other hand, an incorrect or outdated email list kills your time and money.
Due to this, we have covered the top 10 email list services. So, read this blog until the end and buy a business email list from the platform that helps in business growth.

Top 10 Places To Buy Email List

Here is the list of top platforms where you can purchase email according to your preference. All of these email list providers are reputed names with excellent features.

1. Surereach

Surereach is the best place for finding quality leads such as phone numbers and email addresses. It has a base of 3M B2B leads that you can use to filter the quality leads. It offers advanced options and testing that enhance your email marketing. Surereach is the right platform for building a high-quality real email list for your business. So, you can confidently consider buying an email list from Surereach.


  • Offers 3 Million prospects
  • Verified B2B Emails
  • Verified Phone Numbers

2. Cognism

Cognisim has a database of 400 million profiles. It helps in reaching potential addresses of target customers. You can opt for cognism to buy email list to get custom-made according to your parameters. It generates an email list in seconds and makes the email-building process more efficient. It also offers an extension to find the prospect’s email leads during browsing.


  • 400 Million Profile Database
  • Parameters for building a target email list
  • Insights of User Intent and Interest
  • All these features make it the right choice to buy business emails.

3. Uplead

Uplead is a famous email list provider to buy business emails. It has a database of 155 million professional profiles and 50+ filters for generating email lists. It provides intent data and helps you find the prospects according to their interest. Uplead provides verified contact information such as emails.


  • 155 million professional profiles database
  • 50+ advanced filters for target email list building
  • Email verification in real-time with 95% data accuracy

4. Lusha

Lusha is the best platform to purchase real email lists for business databases. This platform helps in generating targeted lead lists with 7 trust filters. Its 7-step verification system gives data with accuracy. You can find the email address of the CEO.


  • Kaspr is the best platform to find unlimited email addresses for free
  • Advance Filters
  • Smoothly integrate with CRM

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Apollo is a top choice among all platforms due to the AI feature for potential lead generation. It has a database of 275 million contacts and advanced filters that work on 65 attributes. It notifies you when new leads arrive that match your email preference. So, it can be a good choice to buy email list with verified contact information.


  • 275 Million Contacts Info
  • 65 filters
  • Smoothly integrate email list with CRM
  • Chrome extension for LinkedIn lead generation

6. Kaspr

Kaspr is the best platform to find unlimited email addresses at no cost. Kaspr offers a Chrome extension, that helps you to find prospects’ email addresses from social media profiles, LinkedIn, posts, groups, etc. It is the best platform for a busy email list with a B2B database.


  • Offers LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • Seamless Integration

7. Skrapp

Skrapp is an excellent tool for company websites and verified email addresses. Its bulk email features help in finding email addresses by giving lead names. It offers an email verification tool to find accurate B2B emails. All these features make it a reliable choice to buy business emails.


  • LinkedIn Extension
  • Chrome Extension
  • Free Email Verifier
  • Bulk Email Finder Tool

8. Hunter

Hunter is the best platform to purchase email lists with proper filtration, helping you achieve your goals. It uses AI and proprietary technology to generate target leads with verification. It can extract reliable contact information through personal and professional email. You can find emails using domain names.


  • Filter for email verification
  • Show emails associated with the domain name
  • Best email finder

9. Lead411

Lead411 is the best platform to buy email lists of prospects with intent data. It is a well-known platform for finding B2B leads. It has a database of 450 million contacts and around 20 million companies. This platform provides accurate data with triple filtration using AI, technology, and human data verification. It offers you the feasibility of connecting with prospects through SMS and email.


  • Smoothly integrates with 25+ CRM
  • Provide verified emails with 96% accuracy’s
  • Triple verified emails
  • Tool for sending SMS and Emails

10. Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach is the best platform to find phone numbers and email addresses with global coverage. It offers filters to find your target audience according to their profession, skill, industry, etc. This tool is essential for purchasing a genuine email list, particularly for B2B sales emails.


Here, we have discussed the top ten platforms to buy email lists with their features. You can choose any of them according to your preference. If you want to purchase an email list with data filtration and customer support. You can opt for Surereach with a huge B2B database of emails.


1. Is Buying Email List Worth It?

Ans- Buying an email list is worth it if you buy it from a reputed platform using data filtration. You can Surereach tool to build a quality email list.

2. Where Can I Get A List Of Email Addresses?

Ans- You can use tools like Surereach, Cognism, Lusha, etc. to verify email addresses.

3. How To Get An Email List Of Companies?

Ans- You can use tools like Surereach, uplead, Lusha, etc. to buy email lists of companies.

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