What Is Data Enrichment?

Data is a crucial part of business and marketing and enrichment is a golden jewel. Raw data have several gaps and need more information. The process of feeling gaps and missing information through additional data and tools is called data enrichment. Here, in this guide, we will discuss about data enhancement or enrichment, its benefits, tools, etc. So, stay tuned until the end.

Data Enrichment Meaning

Data enrichment means a process of increasing the accuracy of customer info that promotes sales. Some people might get confused between data cleansing and Data enrichment. Data cleansing refers to eliminating inaccurate information whereas enriching data is adding more data from third-party sources.

All salespeople know the value of accurate data of potential customers. The enrichment of data with verified information helps derive more sales and customer conversions.

Advantages Of Enhancing Data

Accurate data contains customer interest and transaction history that helps in understanding the mindset of customers. For example, around 60% to 70% of customer want the company to understand their needs. Around 50% of people like personalized offers according to their preferences. That’s why every organization needs to have information-rich data otherwise you will lose your customers.

It cuts off the expenses that go into working on irrelevant data. Helps in increase overall productivity and sales.

Best Practices For Enhancing Data Quality

You can follow these practices to enhance data quality and drive more sales.

  • Set Clear Criteria

It is important to set data enrichment goals such as ensuring more than 90% accuracy in your data. Use 3 party sources to verify the data. If you are unable to reach your target change the strategy.

  • Make Process Easier

We need to follow many processes repeatedly for example checking customer information from the database. You can make a framework that solves this problem which saves time.

  • Incorporate Automation

If you are dealing with huge data, it is advisable to use automation and reduce manual work and errors associated with it. Automation will increase scaling enrichment efforts with growing business databases.

Focus On Applications that work with all devices: Ensure systems for desktop data verification also work for mobile users by collaborating with adaptable partners.

Commit to Ongoing Enrichment enriching your data with useful information requires continuous effort to keep data accurate and relevant, as data environments are always changing.

By using these practices, companies can maintain high-quality data that supports business growth.

Data Enrichment Services

Getting up-to-date databases with verified email addresses, phone numbers, and other information is difficult. Here, we have mentioned the top-notch tools to increase data quality, you can use


Surereach is a renowned B2B and professional database provider. It has a database of 83 million verified contact information. It provides you with verified emails and phone numbers. It has more than 3 million company contact information. It smoothly integrates with the system. Its pricing is affordable as compared to quality.  Surereach is the best email finder and phone number finder tool.

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Clearbit offers data from 200 million contacts and a b2b database. It offers user intent data that helps drive sales growth. You can use the dashboard to find customers who are interested in buying your product. It delivers clean data with no errors and in a structured manner.


Leadspace offers B2B data sources with verified contact details and addresses. It contacts data from 200 million companies, 700 million contracts, 30+ data sources, and 120 million mobile phones. It is a recommended tool to get filter b2b data with enrichment of accuracy.

These tools comes under the top 10 lead generation tool and excellent choice for enriching your CRM database.

Why is CRM Enrichment Important?

Data with enrichment of accuracy and the right detail have the power to boost your business. Here are some reasons why you should use it

Provides Quality over quantity

1 quality lead is more effective than 10 fake leads. Quality data in your CRM leads to better customer relationship management.

Improve productivity

Think you have a data source of 1000 contacts but they are not accurate and do not match according to your sales preference. Or the contact information you have is fake or old. Then you will get no benefit from working on the data.

Increase sales

Right data will lead to more sales with reduced operational costs. Because accurate data 


1. What Are Data Enrichment Techniques?

Here is the list of techniques to increase enrichment in your data.

  • Appending Data
  • Data Segmentation
  • Derived Attributes
  • Data Manipulation
  • Entity Entity extraction 
  • Categorizing data

2. What Is Data Enrichment In ETL?

ETL refers to Extract, Transform, and Load, it is an important step in data management. It extracts information from various sources and modifies it into the format. After that stored data in a target database.

On the other hand, the enrichment of data involves adding additional information in databases which increases data usefulness.

3. What Is Data Enhancement?

Data enhancement is a process of adding additional information to the existing data. It improves the quality of data and gives an idea of user interest. For example adding gender, credit score, lifestyle, interest, etc.

4. What Is a Data Enrichment Tool?

Enrichment tool helps in enhancing data quality. Surereach, clearbit, and Leadspace are examples of enrichment tools you can use in your business.

5. What is enriched meaning in data enhancement?

Enrich meaning refers to make the CRM data fulfilled with important and accurate information that leads to better sales growth.

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