Surereach vs Lusha: Choose the right One

We are living in a world of highly competitive online sales marketing. To survive in a competitive market having an accurate data source is mandatory. It reduces the time that goes into the follow-up of an uninterested lead. A proper lead generation tool helps find the up to date data.

However, Dozens of lead-generation tools are available in the market, and finding an effective and sales-oriented lead-generation tool is difficult. Here, in this blog, we will compare the two best tools for lead generation Surereach and Lusha. So, you can buy the right one according to your use.

A Quick Overview of Surereach

Surereach is a reputed tool that offers a business contact database of around 30 million contacts. It is the best tool to find or extract phone numbers and emails of professionals and businesses. You can even find the DIN number and director details of the company using this advanced tool. It offers a simple user interface to perform phone number searches. It is one of the finest contact details finder and email ID finder.

Surereach Chrome extension makes complex contact number search tasks easy. You can extract the phone numbers and emails of prospects directly from the business research website and social media platform. This number finder quickly performs a phone number search and checks the phone number owner. Apart from the email and phone number, you can also find the company director details.

Key Features

  • Provides verified phone and email number
  • Free trial available
  • Install at one click
  • 100% Accurate details
  • Secure to use
  • Best for building and verifying an email list
  • Offers Inbuilt CRM and Lead management

A Quick Overview Of Lusha

Lusha is a famous contact intelligence platform. It offers databases of verified contact details with accuracy that can enhance sales and marketing efforts and returns. Lusha facilitates the way which helps businesses to connect with potential clients. It offers a browser extension that integrates with LinkedIn and allows users to access contact information from the profile. It is a good email id finder and phone number finder tool.

Key Features

    • Provide verified contact details
    • Provides fresh leads
    • Secure to use
    • Buyer Intelligence
    • Extension to extract contact information from LinkedIn and other platforms.

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Detailed Comparison Surereach vs Lusha

Plans: Surereach offers 6 plans with customized plan options. Lusha offers 3 plans with customized plans.

Plans and Pricing


Plan Free Pro Premium
Price $0 $36 $59



Plans Individual  Startup Business Growth Advanced Elite
Pricing ₹4799 ₹11999 ₹29999 ₹54000 ₹90000 ₹120000


Key difference: Lusha majorly 3 plans for everyone on the other hand Surereach offers more customized plans according to Individual and business needs. Their pricing varies but when you compare features with price, it is on an affordable site.

Phone and Email Credits


Phone Number Credits 5/month 480/year 960/year
Email Credits 50 Unlimited Unlimited



Phone number credits 125 400 1100 1500 3000 5000
Email Credits 625 2000 5500 7500 15000 25000


Key difference: Lusha offers very few numbers of phone and email credits which may be filled only with individual needs. Whereas, Surereach offers more phone and email credit that can enhance your sales database. Lusha is more suitable for beginners and small organizations.


Surereach offers lifetime validity on all its plans until the credits are not used. However, Lusha offers recurring monthly payment plans. It does not offer unlimited plans. 

Chrome Extension

Surereach offers a Chrome extension, this contact finder email extension extracts email, DIN and phone number from Linkedin, Zauba Corp, tofler and Instafinancials. This is the best tool for accumulating B2B data from authentic business research websites and professional platforms.

Lusha Chrome extension extracts leads from LinkedIn and other websites.

Value for Money

Both Surereach and Lusha are good B2B lead generation tools. Both of them have their pros and cons. However, Surereach is more on the affordable side because it offers a high number of credits. It offers lifetime validity that is rare to see. On the other side, Lusha has a slightly lower price on the plans. It provides very few numbers of credits which is unable to support the whole team.


In the following blog, we have a detailed comparison of Surereach and Lusha. Both of these tools are good at their work. Lusha offers verified contact databases of businesses. It also offers a Chrome extension that extracts business contact information from LinkedIn and other sites. It offers 3 major plans with low prices but extremely low credentials.

On the other hand, Surereach offers 6 plans appropriate for individual and small to big business sizes. Its pricing is cheaper when we compare it with the features and credits it gives. By looking at the credits and features Surereach is better than Lusha for generating leads for sales and marketing on a higher level.


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