Surereach vs EasyLeadz

In today’s world for effective sales and marketing, it is important to incorporate effective lead-generation tools in your business. Many tools are available online but only a few of them are good. According to performance, two popular tools are Surereach and EasyLeadz.

Both of these tools are excellent tools, but both of them have their strength and weaknesses.

Importance of lead generation tools for businesses

There are multiple benefits of Using lead generation tools which are mentioned below. Know the benefits and choose the right one for you.

Increase Sales Opportunities: Lead generation tools offer you a vast database of clients. The sales team can directly connect to potential prospects with one search.

Efficient Marketing: The lead generation tool helps you find filtered and high-quality leads. It saves the time wasted in approaching the uninterested leads.

Builds Better Customer Relationships: You can use lead generation tools to develop personalised communication and follow-up leads. Business can nurture their leads with automation.


Surereach is considered the best tool for finding the email and phone numbers of prospects. Surereach offers a database of verified contact information of around 3 million. You can use this tool to find phone numbers and email IDs of potential businesses and customers instantly.  Surereach offers a Chrome extension that extracts contact information and company director details from business research platforms like Instafianancials, Zauba Corp, Tofler and Linkedin. It offers a user-friendly interface so anyone can handle it. You can use Surereach as a number search or contact details finder tool.


  • Verified 3 Million business contact database
  • Provides 100% accurate data
  • Simple User-friendly interface
  • Chrome extension to use on various business websites and social media

You can use Surereach for a contact information finder tool that easily extracts, you can use it to check the phone number owner for verification.


Eayleadz is a lead generation tool. It is used to extract high-quality leads from LinkedIn and has its databases. It offers tools to identify, verify and engage potential customers easily. It offers user user-friendly interface so anyone can use it. This tool is capable of driving good growth in sales marketing efforts.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Quickly access high-quality leads
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Key Differences between SureReach and EasyLeadz

Both Surereach and Easyleadz are compatible lead-generation tools. But you have to choose one according to your budget and business needs.

Pricing structure

Here is a brief overview of the system that will provide you with better insights into Surereach and Easyleadz.

Surereach Lifetime Plans and Pricing

Name Individual Plan Startup Plan Business Plan
Price ₹4799 ₹11999 ₹29999
Phone Number Credits 125 400 1100
Email Credits 625 2000 5500
Platform Supported – LinkedIn, Zaubacorp, Instafinancials, Tofler Yes Yes Yes
User Login Limited to one person Upto 3 users login Unlimited users login
Phone Number Verifier Yes Yes Yes
Email ID Verifier Yes Yes Yes
API Integration No No Yes
Key Account Manager No No Yes
Bulk Upload No No Yes

Surereach Lifetime Plans


Name Growth Plan Advanced Plan Elite Plan
Price ₹54000 ₹90000 ₹120000
Phone Number Credits 1500 3000 5000
Email Credits 7500 15000 25000
Platform Supported – LinkedIn, Zaubacorp, Instafinancials, Tofler YES YES YES
User Login 3 3 Unlimited users login
Phone Number Verifier YES YES YES
Email ID Verifier YES YES YES
API Integration YES YES YES
Key Account Manager YES YES YES
Bulk Upload YES YES YES
WhatsApp Number Verifier Yes Yes YES
Validity Lifetime Validity Lifetime Validity Lifetime Validity

EasyLeadz Pricing

Plan Startup Scaleup Growth Hyper Growth Super NOVA
Price ₹ 28,999 ₹ 71,999 ₹ 1,43,999 ₹ 2,30,999 ₹ 4,35,599
Phone Credits 600/year 1950/year 4500/year ₹ 2,30,999 ₹ 4,35,599
Access on Zaubacorp NO NO YES YES YES
Easyprospect NO NO NO YES YES
Key Account Manager  YES YES YES YES YES
Validity 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Users  2 admin 5 admin 10 admin 12 admin 15 admin
Free email ids YES YES YES YES YES
Easyprospect NO NO NO NO NO

Target audience


Target Audience: Businesses of all sizes looking for quick and reliable ways to find verified contact information with Surereach contact details finder for sales and marketing.


Business looking for high-quality leads and data analytics to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. It offers an Easyleadz extension for finding information from LinkedIn.

Integration with other tools and platforms


Surereach provided integration through its extension on various platforms. You can extract contact information from the websites and platforms easily.

Key Integration

  • LinkedIn
  • Zauba Corp
  • Instafinancials
  • Tofler


  • Easyleadz offers a range of integration
  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • CRM Integration
  • API Integration

Customer support 

Surereach provides Email support, Phone support, and live chat.

Easyleadz provides Email Support, Phone Support and live chat.

Comparative Analysis: Surereach vs Easyleadz

Category Surereach EasyLeadz
Pricing Structure Individual Plan: ₹4799 Startup: ₹28,999
Startup Plan: ₹11999 Scaleup: ₹71,999
Business Plan: ₹29999 Growth: ₹1,43,999
Hyper Growth: ₹2,30,999
Super NOVA: ₹4,35,599
Phone Number Credits Individual Plan: 125 Scaleup: 1950/year
Startup Plan: 400 Growth: 4500/year
Business Plan: 1100 Hyper Growth: ₹2,30,999
Super NOVA: ₹4,35,599
Email Credits Individual Plan: 625 number not specified
Startup Plan: 2000
Business Plan: 5500
Platform Supported LinkedIn, Zauba Corp, InstaFinancials, Tofler LinkedIn
API Integration Available in Business Plan only Available in Growth, Hyper Growth, and Super NOVA plans
Phone Number Verifier Available in all plans not specified
Email ID Verifier Available in all plans Not specified
Integration Capabilities Chrome extension for LinkedIn, InstaFinancials, Zauba Corp, Tofler Extensive integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Marketo, Pardot, Mailchimp, Power BI, Tableau, and more

Value for money comparison

Surereach provides offers pricing on each plan with essential features. Its pricing makes it an ideal choice for all sizes of business from small to large. On the other hand, EasyLeadz is quite expensive which is the main issue for small businesses. It offers advanced features for catering to customizable business needs. Surereach provides 100% accurate contact information in an affordable price range.

Factors to consider when choosing between SureReach and EasyLeadz

Both Surereach and EasyLeadz are capable contact information finder tools. It depends on the business needs and budget. But here we have shared the most essential factors you should check.

Affordability: Surereach plan begins at ₹4799, on the other hand, EasyLeadz’s lowest plan, the startup plan begins at ₹28,999. This huge price difference makes Surereach a more affordable option for businesses, especially for those with tighter budgets.

Lifetime Validity: Surereach provides lifetime validity on all its plans, while EasyLeadz offers 12 months validity only. In Surereach users don’t have to pay the recurring fee but in EasyLeadz users have to pay the annual recurring fee.

Features: Surereach offers email ID finder, phone number finder and din number finder tool with Chrome Extention. Easyleadz offers advanced features and integrates with CRM tools and marketing tools. Surepass has mentioned Email and Phone number finder with credits but EasyLeadz does not mention them. This difference makes it unclear whether users get the same value on investment.


Surereach and Easyleadz are lead-generation tools that have both pros and cons. But if you are someone who is looking for a budget-friendly plan with all important lead generation features Surereach will be the ideal choice for you.