Salesy Meaning

In the business field, the phrase “salesy” refers to a salesman who makes pushy and shallow sales pitches.

The prospect becomes uncomfortable and unresponsive when a salesperson uses excessive pressure and a pushy approach. 

Salesy phrases and words 

Companies detest working with aggressive salesmen who don’t listen to their prospects. As a result, they are unable to turn prospects into profitable clients. 


Most sales representatives believe that mentioning the word “cheap” will draw in a potential customer. Regretfully, it has the exact opposite effect. 

When people associate “cheap” with “low-quality,” they get disinterested. Thus, they decide not to buy the item. As a result, refrain from calling something inexpensive while selling


People detest being marketed to. Consider this: have you ever refuse to buy anything from salespeople? 

You should think twice before using the term “buy” to encourage a potential customer to make a transaction. Use terms like “own” or “invest” instead.

When something has several advantages, people are content to own it. Investing in a solution if it yields the highest returns doesn’t even phase potential customers.

“Once in a lifetime opportunity”

Modern consumers are intelligent and well-informed. When sales representatives use expressions like “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” they begin to question them. 

Prospects would find it difficult to believe you since they have likely heard this statement from other sellers in the past.

Additionally, they can start to doubt everything else you’ve said. Thus, avoid taking a chance by not utilizing this term. 


In the modern world, nothing is certain. Prospects are aware of this as well. Therefore, using such language won’t help seal the sale.


Prospects are able to spot overpromising sellers and avoid falling for it. You really become less credible. Thus, stay away from it.  The attributes of your goods don’t pique prospects’ curiosity.

Stop boasting about the incredible characteristics of your product; they don’t want to hear nothing but positive things about it.  Talk about the advantages the prospect will have by utilizing your product instead. Potential customers want to know how the product will benefit them.

“Excellent”, “top-notch”, “cutting-edge” etc

Sales representatives describe their product with terms like superior and outstanding. 

The potential customer believes that the vendor doesn’t need to package and show the goods in such a way if it is so excellent. As a result, you carefully consider your word choice to enhance the impact of your message. 

I wanted to/ I’d love to/ I’d like to 

It is strictly forbidden to start a sentence with “what you want.” It gives you a conceited appearance. Customers are the center of attention in sales, therefore it’s critical to concentrate on their needs. 

Use a consultative sales strategy and assist the potential customer in resolving the current business issue. Seek opportunities to add value and cultivate a positive rapport. 

In order to close deals where both parties benefit, you must build and nurture a strong rapport with the prospect. Create a sense of ease and trust with the prospective customer. Try to learn about the wants and difficulties of your possible prospects once you’ve broken the ice. 

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What does Sales Mean? 

The actions that result in the selling of products or services are referred to as sales. Companies divide their sales organizations into many teams. Furthermore, the target client, the product or service being sold, and the location being sold to are frequently taken into consideration while forming these sales teams.

Businesses hire people who are only focused on marketing their goods and services to staff whole departments. Salespeople make contact with connections who may be considering buying the goods or services that their firm offers – prospects who show interest by doing things like going to the website or connecting with the business on social media.

Sales Meaning & Tips 

To find out the prospect’s business areas, ask insightful inquiries. 

These are some inquiries that you may make. 

  • What is preventing you from reaching your professional objectives?
  • Would you kindly tell me more about this history?
  • Could you describe the scenario or issue more fully?
  • How much longer can you put off solving the issue?
  • Does this issue lead to more issues?
  • Are you trying to find a way to fix this issue?
  • Have you established a deadline for fixing this issue?
  • Teach instead of imposing pressure

Show that you are aware of the prospect’s present circumstances. Help them figure out the solution to the issue. 

It is really clever to present your product as a solution. Help the potential customer see the advantages of utilizing your solution. 

  • Gain trust by providing instances from real life 

The seller finds success simpler when they concentrate on gaining the trust of the potential customer. Provide evidence that what you are saying is accurate in order to win them over. Provide instances from actual life. Show them the case studies of your successful clients. 

Explain in detail how you assisted your client in resolving a comparable issue that the prospective customer is presently dealing with.


When you stop being too salesy, you’ll see a huge difference in your results. When a prospect has a good buying experience, they share it with others. So this positive word of mouth will acquaint you with new potential buyers. Besides, satisfied clients happily give referrals. So focus on helping your potential prospects. Understand their needs and requirements. Ask relevant questions, and try to build a lasting relationship with your potential prospects. 

An ideal technology such as Surereach CRM may assist you in nurturing and converting potential leads into paying clients. You can manage your transactions with a clear pipeline view, analyze your sales success with comprehensive data, enhance your productive hours with Surereach’s sales automation, and do a lot more with it. It is an easy-to-use all-in-one sales solution.

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